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Dear America: Be Brave Enough

Be Brave Enough

As Americans we love to tout our strength, our bravery, our might. A nation built on rebellion over tyranny, where individual rights are held sacred and free-will is treasured. Our nation is in a crisis where these very notions are being challenged on a daily basis. This begs the question, who will step up, who will soldier on, who will be brave enough?

Let’s get a few things straight. I am not talking about all the medical professionals risking their lives every single day to save others. No, not just the doctors and nurses that are the face of the front lines. We have to include the respiratory therapists, care techs, security and custodial staff just to name a few. But I am not talking about them either. I am not speaking about the men and women of the armed forces ever prepared to put their lives on the line. I am not even referencing the government officials who are working tirelessly to mitigate the death and destruction of this virus.

I am talking to the everyday American. The families who set up folding chairs in early July to watch the fireworks from a distance. The neighbors that raise the stars and stripes to honor America outside their homes. The fans that sing our anthem in unison to commemorate those that have served our great country. The individuals who burned with anger when athletes took a knee. This question is for you: will we be brave enough?

One of the most critical tools to combat this virus is to stay at home and distance yourself from others. It is simple, if I can’t spread it to you and you can’t spread it to me, then cases will eventually trend towards zero. That is, if Americans are brave enough to do what has to be done. Are we strong enough to make a cup of coffee at home instead of going to the store? Are we mighty enough to go for a walk instead of going to the gym? Are there any courageous souls who will stay at home to stream videos and tv shows instead of other forms of social entertainment. Do we have anyone willing to sacrifice a few freedoms we hold dear to save lives? Do we have anyone brave enough?

Only time will tell if we are truly “the home -- of the -- braaaaaave” or if those are just words to a song. But for now, if you want to applaud those heroes in medicine, stay at home. If you want to recognize those men and women that serve our country, stay at home. If you want to honor your country, stay at home.

Randon Hall, MD


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