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Neymar's Limp Could be Very Bad for Brazil

Recap of Neymar's Surgically Repaired Foot

In addition to the sprained ankle, Neymar most certainly has a Jones fracture. A Jones fracture is a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone at a very specific location called Zone 2 at the base of the fifth metatarsal. The area of the injury is known for having poor blood supply compared to the other areas of the bone and does not heal as well. Due to the blood supply issue, the Jones fracture has a higher chance of developing non-union at the fracture site, which will dramatically prolong recovery and return to play. Neymar's surgical treatment of the Jones fracture likely involved a surgical screw placed into the fifth metatarsal, in order to tightly hold the fracture together and ensure proper healing. The other benefit of the screw fixation would be to allow greater strength of the bone at the time of return to play. In general, competitive athletes with surgical screw fixation of a Jones fracture, look to return at around 8 weeks. Neymar was held out for 12 months and had what appeared to be a successful first match of the World Cup.


I would emphasize that this is a big deal due to the type of fracture that he sustained. A Jones Fracture is located in Zone 2 of the fifth metatarsal. This are of the bone has relatively diminished blood supply compared to the other areas of the fifth metatarsal bone. Fractures in this area are considered high risk. If his limping is due to a re-injury to this area of the bone that would be significant and likely keep him out for the remainder of the World Cup. I am sure he will be undergoing several studies such as x-ray and either CT scan or MRI. We are all hopeful this is minor but Brazil fans should be cautious optimistic.



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